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Frame Tents

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*Side walls $25 per side.

Helpful Information

When measuring your yard for the tents be sure to add 4ft. around the perimeter of the tent for the stakes. For example, if you were to measure for a 20 x 20 you would measure a 28 x 28 area. Some frame tents can be put in a smaller area.

Delivery / Pickup

Before setup, your balance must be paid. There are additional charges for the crew to set up tables and chairs. If you ordered sides and do not use them, please place them in a dry area. On pick up day, please have the equipment broken down and stacked the way they were dropped off. Please have tables and chairs wiped down.

Damage or loss

Once the crew leaves, the customer is responsible for the equipment. Anything damaged or neglected by the customer may result in a charge for the damage. Anything missing may also result in a charge for the lost or stolen item.